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Canning in Full Swing

Its the time of year again when gardens are overflowing with delicious produce. It always amazes me how God can take one tiny seed and produce a whole bunch of veggies. This year we have an over abundance of cucumbers, which we eat on a daily basis, yellow squash and cabbage. The brussel sprouts are still growing and our beets haven’t been pulled yet.

Our cabbages did so well this year. They are all to their fullest and many are starting to split open. Funny side story, last year was our first year growing cabbage. We didn’t realize that it would split if it was growing to large. We thought that a deer had gotten into our garden and taken a bite out of the middle of our cabbage. We were very stumped though because there were not any hoof prints anywhere!

So, my husband had brought in about 4 heads of cabbage and it was sitting on the counter for a couple days. Earlier this week we decided we needed a new, larger pressure canner so that we can process our food faster, since we always have so much with our large, growing family. I got online and ordered a new 30 quart pressure canner. The morning it was supposed to arrive, I got up and started chopping cabbage. I chopped the 4 heads on the counter, one our of the fridge, then headed out to the garden to get more. I brought in 6 heads, and only got 2 cut up before I ran out of space to put them while we waited for the canner. There are still 10 heads in the garden, and about 12 heads of red cabbage.


The canner finally showed up at about 2:00 yesterday afternoon and we started to work. My oldest son put the salt in the bottom of the jars, I filled them with cabbage, then he got the air bubbles out and my oldest daughter put on the lids. I used all reusable flats this time and I am so happy to report that they are all sealed!! We ended up with 10 quarts of cabbage.

Most of our assembly line
Most of our assembly line


Finished cabbage
       Finished cabbage

I have a lot of yellow squash waiting for me today, plus more cabbage, then it will be time to start the beets. But for now, we are headed to the pond as a family to do some fishing.

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