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Sabbath Celebration

The kids ready for the celebrations.
The kids ready for the celebration.

Last night we celebrated the beginning of the Sabbath with a special dinner. The curriculum we are using this year is having us celebrate biblical feasts through out the year.

We had so much fun!!! The kids were not as excited as I hoped they would be, until we started to set the table. Then they squealing with excitement, except for one, he was sick on the couch :(.

We had a fancy table cloth, candle holders (that I picked up at the thrift store), white candles, wine glasses (I got the cute little ones at the thrift store too), and fancy dishes.

I had everyone dress in nice clothes so that it would be really fancy and we shut off all the lights so we could eat only by candle light, the way they would have back in Bible times.


For dinner we made chicken noodle soup, very basic, with our challah bread and then our candlestick salads, made by my oldest daughter and her friend.

It was really neat to learn about how the Jews in Bible times would have celebrated Sabbath, but what was even neater was learning how all the elements point to Jesus.

IMG_20150821_184911662                                                Enjoying dessert and coffee


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