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A Canning Flop

My husbands favorite kind of jelly is beet jelly. It is made with the juice of beets and raspberry jello. Last night he went outside and pulled half of the beets from the garden, then brought them in and scrubbed them all clean so I could can them today and make some yummy jelly.

I love this man! He spend a little over an hour cleaning beets last night so I wouldn't need to do it today.
I love this man! He spent a little over an hour cleaning beets last night so I wouldn’t need to do it today.


Yesterday we made a stop at the store so that I could get some more jars, flats and bands. I also picked up a few packages of pectin. When we got home, I looked up the recipe for the jelly and realized that I had bought liquid pectin instead of powdered pectin, which is what the recipe calls for. I decided that I would try it anyway, adding the pectin at the end of the cooking time and hoping that would work. I spent a lot of the morning making jelly and none of it has set.  It is a little thicker than it was, but even after sitting in the refrigerator it is still runny.

IMG_20150829_105121397Beet Jelly

I am kind of bummed but its okay. It still tastes fantastic, just makes a little bit more of a mess when you eat it.

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