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4 Week Review of My Fathers World CTG

I mentioned before that we are using My Father’s World Creation to the Greeks this year for our homeschool. We are finishing up week 4 tomorrow so I thought I better do a review before I get too far ahead.

First day of school!
First day of school!


The first day of school was chaotic… in a good way. No one was used to sitting for longer periods of time because they had been playing hard all summer. We persevered and got it done and everyone ended the day with a joyful attitude. The first week we spent a lot of time reading about creation and dinosaurs. Pretty simple. I don’t usually add too much to what is already written down for me so our days were short but sweet. We also started building our timeline on the dining room wall. All the kids love it and are so excited to continue to add to it throughout the year. We also got to celebrate the Sabbath on Friday evening of the first week. More about that here.

Week 2 we studied Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel and started reading about Noah. We ventured outside one of the days and measured the length of Noah’s ark. What a fantastic visual for me and the kids! We also measured the length of one of the dinosaurs we had read about.

Measuring the ark. You can see the other kids way down the road!
Measuring the ark. You can see the other kids way down the road!

We also started our first read aloud book, The Tanglewoods’ Secret by Patricia St. John. This book has been wonderful and the kids and I both enjoy reading it.

During week 3 we got to have Daddy join us for 2 days. I was sick with a fever so he stayed home from work to help with the kids during the day. I had him do the reading because my head was hurting. It was nice to have him here because he is taking his first seminary class this fall, Old Testament Studies I. He is studying the same things we are studying!! Its so fun! This week we read some about the ice age and decided to add another book into our schedule.  When I bought all of the Heart of Dakota books, we got a book called, Life in the Great Ice Age. As soon as that book was out of the box, my oldest son had it on his lap and didn’t let it go for a few days. He still loves to look at the pictures. Since he loved it so much I decided that we would add it into our daily reading so we can learn about life during the ice age. So far we are all enjoying, my middle son always cheers when its time to read it.  Another fun thing we did this week was learn about the first civilization and their writing. The kids got to make their own tablets with cuneiform writing on them. We used sugar cookie dough for the tablets, but when we baked them they flattened out so much that their writing disappeared.

IMG_20150903_111709884 IMG_20150903_111722720 IMG_20150903_111743597

Week 4 has started our study of the Egyptians. We have read about and built pyramids and made mud bricks. We will be studying the Egyptians for a few more weeks and I am excited about that! The kids like seeing the pictures of how they lived, and they are always commenting that they think it would be fun to live back then.

Something new I started in week 3 was copywork instead of spelling. My 5th grader does fine with her spelling and she does it independently, but I thought she could use some extra handwriting practice and it also helps her with spelling and grammar. My 1st grader started his copywork and it was a mess! I went through it with him and he has progressed very well. This week he starts copywork in the MFW 1st grade curriculum so I won’t need to print any pages for him anymore. My 4 year old son also started to learn how to read with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons. He is doing so well! He breezes through the lessons and has already read his first words. It is a special time for us to sit down together and go through his lesson, we both look forward to it.

Well that’s it so far. We are loving this school year. Our days are short and enjoyable yet full of learning!


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  1. I love this so much! I’m so proud of you and I look forward to reading your blogs! Can Merek go to school at the Hiner House?!? ? I can’t wait to have you start helping me get my act together once we get our homestead! God is good all the time and all the time God is good! ❤️

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