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Using a White Board to Direct Our Day


My memory is not as good as it once was. I used to be great at accomplishing things without having to write them down. But since having 6 kids and being busy with them all day, I can’t seem to remember to do anything unless I make a note to remind myself.

For a while I was using a note pad to keep track of all the things I needed to get done. That worked great at the time, but I needed something that my husband could add on to and something that was more visible than just a paper sitting on the counter. I decided that the best thing to use would be a white board. I purchased a couple small ones to use, but they were quickly filled with things and I never had enough room to write all I needed to on them. So I bought some larger ones.

About 6 months ago, I purchased two medium sized white boards from Walmart. I put one on the wall in the kitchen, next to our calendar, because the kitchen is the center of our house. I spend the most time there and it is easy to access. On this board I write down anything I need to do during the day or week. I list the things that are on going at the top of the board, and then I write the things that need done today at the bottom. I also wrote Proverbs 16:9 on it, “The heart of man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.” This is remind myself that ultimately God is in control of my steps, so if something doesn’t get accomplished when I think it should, there is no reason to stress about it.

The second white board is on the wall by our dining table. On this white board I have each of my bigger kids’ names listed at the top. Each morning, I write down what they need to do for the day; school work to finish, chores to do, or anything else they might need to accomplish. I also use this board to make a list of items we need to pack when we take a trip anywhere. My kids love having their own list of things to do during the day. My oldest daughter, just turned 10 today, enjoys erasing each item when she finishes it. She also enjoys helping me make the lists.

These white boards have been a fantastic addition to our family routine. They have made my days and weeks go so much smoother.


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