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Large Family Meal Planning – Part 2

On to part 2 of our meal planning. This one is fairly simple, as long as you don’t over think it.

Step 2 –

Make a list of the meals you would like to eat.

So easy. I start with my homemaking binder, which includes all my recipes. I have also made a list at the beginning of my recipes of breakfasts, lunches, dinners and desserts that I make often. I will look through that list and write down any meals that I want to include on the menu I am making. If you are planning for a week, aim for 7 breakfasts, 7 lunches, 7 dinners. If you are planning for a month you could try for 30-31 of each meal, or do 15 of each and have it twice that month.

Next, I get on the internet, usually on Pinterest, and write down any new recipes I want to try.

I do try to plan for breakfasts, lunches and dinners, plus any special snacks I would like for that week. I used to only plan dinners, but I am finding that since I have 6 kids to feed plus a husband who is home some days for lunch, it is so much easier for me to plan breakfasts and lunches so that I have the items on hand to make meals for them. Otherwise we end up scrounging around for food. I also notice that when I don’t make a good filling meal, the kids will be hungry all morning or afternoon, constantly asking for a snack. So its just best for me to plan all meals of the day.

Now that you have your list of meals you would like to have, make a grocery list from the recipes. Be sure you check your freezer and pantry for items first before adding them to your list.

I am a pencil and paper person. I like to use paper and pencil to make lists. For my meal planning, I have found several free, cute, blank menus on Pinterest that I simply print and fill in. Here are a few you might enjoy:

This one is for one week, it includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack for each day.


This one is for five weeks. It is simple but looks nice. Probably a good one to use when you are only planning dinners.


This next one is for one month. It can be edited on the computer rather than hand written.


Find the one you like, print it off and save it for next time…


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