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Large Family Meal Planning – Part 3

Next up: making your actual menu.

To do this you need to decide how you want to eat. You could eat 30 different meals for the month, you could have 15 meals and eat them twice during the month, or you could have 7 meals and rotate them for a week. We seem to eat the same thing for breakfast, so I usually make a rotating schedule for that. For example:

Monday – cereal/smoothie

Tuesday – oatmeal

Wednesday – eggs

Thursday – cereal/smoothie

Friday – oatmeal

Saturday – pancakes or french toast

Sunday – special breakfast with Daddy, usually Swedish Pancakes

You can see that there are only 5 meals on this menu, but I use 2 of them twice so it fills in my days. You can do this for lunches and dinners if you like. My husband gets tired of eating the same things for dinner so I like to switch that up, but for simplicity I use this repeating schedule for breakfasts and lunches.

Something else I have done is to let my 10 year old daughter plan and cook all lunch meals. She really enjoys this and I enjoy letting her learn how to menu plan and cook all at the same time.

I hope that these menu planning posts were helpful and encouraging to you. It does take some time initially to get your menus made, but once you have 3 or 4 of them, you can rotate them for the year and not have to spend time meal planning! Make sure you keep your menus and your grocery lists for the future to save yourself even more time!

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