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Preparing For a Move


In about 3 1/2 months, my family and I will be moving again. We have lived in this house for almost 1 year, but at the end of April, we need to find somewhere else to live.

God has blessed us to live here for the last year. The church we attend and are members of has allowed us to stay in the parsonage. At the end of May/beginning of June, another family will be moving here to be blessed by the church.

So, because I know we will be moving soon, and probably be moving again not too long after that, I am trying to simplify things. We purchased a large 40 foot long storage shed (semi truck trailer) that we put out on my in-laws land. We took everything out of our storage building (that cost us $40 a month) and moved it into the storage shed. I have been slowly decluttering the house, and taking anything out to the shed that we won’t be needing any time soon.

Now, just typing that sounded silly to me. If we aren’t going to need these items any time soon, why don’t I just get rid of them? Easy answer is because I don’t want to. πŸ™‚ Actually a lot of the things we are storing will probably be used when we are finally settled wherever it is that God wants us. Right now we are on a roller coaster, not positive where we are going to finally get off.

My husband is taking online seminary classes and working. We plan to eventually move to the seminary campus area so that he can take classes full time. We just don’t know when that will happen. We still own our home in Wyoming. It is now rented (thank you Lord!) but we still have to pay some toward our mortgage each month. So, we don’t know where we are going to be in a year, or even 6 months. Right now we are just waiting on the Lord, looking at the opportunities that present themselves to us, praying about them, and doing what we can each day.

Back to preparation for moving… One of the things I did was to downsize my little girls clothing. They had so many clothes that their drawer wouldn’t shut and their clothing boxes were overflowing. So I got rid of a little over half of what they had. They never wore all of it, and it was overwhelming to try and keep organized.

Another thing I did was to put a lot of books into storage. I have already ordered and received our homeschool curriculum for next year. I went through the books we have on the shelves and picked out the ones that will mesh well with our curriculum. Those I put into a box for next year and the others (except a few favorites) I put into the storage shed. I only did this for the chapter books, but will probably be doing it with all of our children’s books too.

In the kitchen, I cleaned out my cup cupboard. We had collected a lot of cups since moving here. I picked out about a dozen coffee mugs, kept 2-3 sippy cups per kid, and then kept a mixture (maybe 2 dozen total) of different sizes of mason jars (we use them for glasses). I also kept a few travel mugs and some water bottles we use fairly often.

I went through my storage container cupboard and got rid of almost all of them. I replaced them with glass mason jars and plastic lids that screw on them. I am still getting used to this because I have always used the plastic bowls with lids, but they seem to break easily and they are difficult to keep organized.

So far, this is all I have done. I am really trying to get our stuff decluttered and simplify before we move. I hate hauling around a ton of stuff that we don’t really need, but it’s hard to not have much when there are 8 people in the family.

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