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8 More Ways I Save $ as a THM with a Large Family


Continuing with my recent post of money saving ideas for a large family grocery budget, I have thought up 8 more for you!

  1. Buy Meat in Bulk, From Local Farmers

My in-laws have a farm. On their farm, they raise goats, chickens, cows, pigs and occasionally they will have a sheep or two. This is a huge blessing for us because we get meat for very cheap. Usually every year, for our Christmas gift, they give us some beef, and for our birthdays they often give us some pork. We have to help with the processing, or pay to have it done, but the meat is a gift from them. For those who can, buying a quarter or half of a beef from a local farmer is a big money saver.

2.  Alter Your Original Recipes to Make Them THM Friendly

It doesn’t take a lot to alter a recipe so that it is THM friendly. You can replace low carb tortillas for regular ones, use Dreamfields Pasta or squash noodles instead of regular pasta, sub almond milk for cow’s milk, use radishes instead of potatoes, the list really is endless. Use your imagination and you can make a THM menu pretty easily.

3.  Share With Your Kids… But Not Everything

I don’t mind sharing with my kids. I will give them a bite or two of something, or make some THM brownies and share those with them. I like that they aren’t eating as much sugar. But sometimes, I don’t share with them. I might make a muffin in a mug, and give them each a small bite, but once their bite is gone, the rest is mine. One thing I make that I don’t mind sharing is “cinnamon sugar”. My kids love cinnamon sugar toast, so instead of sugar I use Truvia and cinnamon for them to have on it.

4.  Buy 1 Package of Sweetener per Month

This one may be hard for those of you who really like your sweets. When I first started THM, I would make the sweet stuff all the time. But since I haven’t been eating as much sugar as I used to, I find that my taste buds are happy with things that aren’t quite as sweet. Because of this I don’t need to use tons of sweetener for my recipes and I can get by with just one bag of sweetener for a month. I also buy the small liquid stevia from Walmart to use in my drinks.

5. Use Ground Flax Seed When Possible

Ground flax is cheap. It is also a great sub for almond flour in recipes. If you can use half almond and half flax you will save money.

6. Make a Master List of Meal Ideas

This one goes along with my menu idea. If you have a list of meals already made, it is easier to make a menu. I do this for breakfast, lunch and snacks and put the list on my fridge. Then when I am hungry for a snack, I look at my list of THM snacks, pick what I want and mix it up. Saves my brain a little pain too.

7. Master Grocery List

Making a master grocery list is tedious. I just recently did this. I went through all the cupboards in my house and wrote down what was in them. Then I went through the fridge and freezer doing the same thing. I still need to type my list up, but this will make it easier for me when I am trying to think of what I need from the store. I plan to hang one on my fridge and as I run out of something, I will mark it on the list so I am sure to buy it next time I go shopping.

8. Freeze Leftovers

If I cook something, and there is plenty of leftovers for another meal for the whole family, I will either save it for the next day or put it in the freezer to eat later. If I cook something and there is only enough left for one or two people, I have started freezing it in individual portions so that I can eat it for lunch in the future. Lunch is something that I struggle with so when I have an individual portion of a THM approved meal already in the freezer, it makes it a lot easier to eat on plan.

There you have it!! 8 more ways I save money as a THM with a large family. Hope they were a blessing to you and you are able to implement them in your family.

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