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A Hiner Family Update!

We have had a busy, busy last 6 months. In April I found out that I am pregnant with Hiner baby #7! We are so excited to be adding another member to our family. My first trimester this time was rough on me. I had normal pregnancy symptoms; nausea and exhaustion, but this time my brain was not functioning. I felt lost like I had no idea how to be pregnant, or take care of my other kids, or keep up with housework. It was a long few months for me but I am feeling better now that I am almost 19 weeks along. I still struggle with the tiredness and mental fogginess, but if I am able to get in my vitamins (with the help of a list on the cupboard) they make a huge difference. I am planning a visit to the midwife sometime soon but as of right now, we are going to have this baby unassisted in our home.

In May we finished up our school year with My Father’s World Creation to the Greeks. It was a wonderful school year and we all really enjoyed it. I am getting so excited for this next year when we will get to enjoy Rome to the Reformation.

In June, we took a 2.5 week vacation. We enjoyed a few days of camping for my son’s 5th birthday, then Austin and I headed to Denver for a 3 day homeschool conference. After that, we headed to Utah where we joined many other Christian’s in evangelism to the LDS. This is something we have done in the past, I believe this was our 4th time going. We really enjoy this time of ministry as a family and love the fellowship and encouragement we get from other believers from around the US. After our week in Utah, we drove to Washington state, with a stop on the way to visit our good friends in Idaho. While in Washington, we got to visit with my dad and step mom, along with other family that we hadn’t seen in a few years. We enjoyed going to Salt Water State Park and Mount Rainier.

When we returned home, Austin went back to work 5 days each week and the kids and I have been trying to catch up and get back into a somewhat normal routine. We are enjoying the warm sunny days and trying to spend one day each week at the pool with friends. I am getting all of our school books and schedules made up as we plan to start in a couple weeks. Next week we are headed back to Idaho for a family camp that Austin will be speaking at.

Last week was fair week, and while the kids are not in 4H, we still enter different crafts and foods into the home economics part of the fair. 4 of the kids put items in this year and they all did very well. The boys also enjoyed riding some animals, Kolter rode a calf and Kryspin did some mutton busting, riding a sheep. It’s so fun to watch them ride, even if it is only for 3 seconds :).

IMG_8870 IMG_8871 IMG_8872IMG_8873

After writing this and trying to find pictures to add, I see that I am slacking in the photo taking department. I will try to remember to take more photos to share with you all! Have a blessed weekend!

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