Our Homeschool Curriculum for 2016-2017

This homeschool year I will be teaching a 6th grader (really? wow, time flies!), a 2nd grader, a kindergardener, a preschooler, plus 2 toddlers and a new baby coming mid year. Our days are going to be packed full of learning fun!

For the 6th grader we will use:

MFW Rome to the Reformation for history, science and bible.

Rod and Staff 5th grade english, she finished half of this book last year and will complete the rest this year.

Teaching textbooks 5th grade math.

Rod and Staff 6th grade spelling.

A book called Love to Write by Cindy Barden

I picked this up at the used curriculum sale and thought it looked like a good introduction to writing. She hasn’t had a lot of formal writing instruction, but she is pretty good at it. I think this book will make it enjoyable for her.

We will also be incorporating some sewing and crafting through out the year.

For the 2nd grader we will use:

MFW Rome to the Reformation for history, science and bible.

Primary Language Lessons

Rod and Staff 2nd grade spelling

Rod and Staff 2nd grade penmanship

Singapore Math 2A/2B

He is still working on reading. He was doing great the end of the last school year, but we really haven’t done a lot throughout the summer, so it may take a bit before he is back at it again. I bought two 2nd grade Christian Light Publication readers at the used curriculum sale for him to practice with. I am really going to try to focus on reading for him this year so he can become proficient at it. Once he is a solid reader, he will be able to do a lot more independent work.

For the kindergardener we will use:

MFW K: He started this mid year last year so he hasn’t finished it yet. We will start working on it and once he is done then we will focus the rest of the year on reading. He is already sounding out words and knows all the sounds and letters of the alphabet so I think that reading will come quickly to him.

My kindergardener is also going to be involved with some of the preschool work we will be doing.

For the preschooler we will use:

A mixture of books and printables. I have been busy organizing books and printing off lapbooks and worksheets that coordinate with them. We are going to make a lap journal rather than a lapbook, which is something I read about not to long ago. The idea is to make the pages of the lapbook, but then put them into plastic sleeves in a 3 ring binder instead of on a folder.

I also have some of the Rod and Staff preschool workbooks that we will try to incorporate when we have time for them. She did the A-F books last year and loved them. I have done them with my older children as well, but this will be the first year for the G-L books. I am really excited about seeing what kind of progress she makes this year as she is very eager to learn.

For the toddlers:

They will be playing and playing and playing. I did buy a workbook for my 2.5 year old to use when she wants to do school with everyone else. It is just a simple alphabet book I got at the used curriculum sale and she can write all over it.

So, that is all of it! I plan to do updates, hopefully each week, through out the year on how everything is working for us.


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