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Meal Plan Monday!

Hello! Welcome to Meal Plan Monday! Every Monday I will share my meal plan for the week, plus one tip to make your meal planning easier.

I don’t normally meal plan for breakfast and lunch. I have several things on hand for these meals each day so we usually just pick what sounds good.

My husband is working long days this week so he won’t be home until around 7 pm each night. We are also planning on going camping on Thursday night, through Monday afternoon, so this menu includes camping food.

This weeks meal plan:

Monday: Beans and Rice, with leftover corn bread (We have beans and rice almost every Monday, it is an easy, cheap meal that I can put in the crock pot if I need to. I like to have an easy meal for Mondays because it can be a hectic day coming off the weekend.)

Tuesday: Pork Roast with candied carrots and rolls

Wednesday: Sweet and Sour Meatballs with rice

Thursday: Cabbage Pockets

Friday: Chili

Saturday: Hamburgers with fried potatoes

Sunday: Deer Brats with Mac and Cheese

And todays tip is…

Use an old meal plan. This week, I took my meal plan off the fridge from last month. There were several foods on this plan that I never made so I am moving them to this week in order to use up the food I have in the house. No need to go shopping when I have plenty of food to feed us for the next week.


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