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Shopping for Full Time Camper Living


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Yes, you read that right. Our large family of 9 will be moving into our camper in about 2 weeks. We have been busy packing, sorting, trashing and storing most of our belongings. It has been a bit overwhelming trying to decide what we should keep, what we should get rid of, and what we should take with us.


Today I am going to share with you a recent purchase I made on Amazon. I ordered several storage solutions for our camper, most of them utilize the vertical space available.

This SimpleHouseware 4 Pocket Over the Door Wall Mount Hanging Organizer is great for hanging over doors and on the walls using these command hooks. I bought 4 of them, 2 for hanging over the sliding doors in the master bedrooms area, and 2 for hanging on the wall next to the kids room.

I got this Spectrum Diversified Countertop 3-Tier Spice Rack to hang on the wall next to the stove. It can also sit on the counter but I like that it is hangable. If I leave it on the counter, I will have to make sure I put it away every time we move to a new location. Putting it on the wall saves me time and precious counter space.

These mDesign Over the Cabinet Kitchen Storage Organizer Basket are great for hanging on the inside or outside of cabinet doors. I put one of these on the cupboard door under the kitchen sink and another on the inside of the bath room cabinet.

I purchased one of these Seville Classics 2-Tier Corner Shelf Counter and Cabinet Organizer to put in the corner kitchen cabinet for plates and bowls.

This Seville Classics Kitchen Pantry and Cabinet Organizer is perfect for holding things like pan lids and baking sheets. I also put some of our food storage lids in it.


I got 3 of these closet hanging shelves to put in my closet cupboard, my husbands cupboard and the kids cupboard.

This Sorbus Spice Rack and Multi-Purpose Organize is super cute. I really like the country decor feel that it has. I bought this for a special purpose. I am going to put it in the bathroom to hold all of my essential oils. Right now I have them in a rectangle shaped tub and it makes it very difficult to see which bottle is which. With this, I will be able to read each bottle easily. I am going to attach this to the wall also so I don’t need to worry about putting it away each time we move to a new location.


I think with these storage solutions we will have plenty of room for all the things we need. I also purchased a few baskets and shelves for storing books and clothing. We are all excited for this new adventure and look forward to sharing it with you!

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