Our Homeschooling Journey

I didn’t come into homeschooling our children easily. In fact, my husband is the one who wanted to homeschool first.

About 9 years ago, when our oldest child was 3, Austin came to me and said he wanted to homeschool our kids. My short and simple reply was “no”. Back then, I was thinking only of myself and I couldn’t wait until I could send my kids off to school and have my own time. i looked forward to the days of quiet and a clean house. So, although I told him no, we would not be homeschooling our children, I did agree to pray about it.

We were attending a bible study called ‘The Truth Project”, which is put out by Focus on the Family. In one of the videos he discussed the history of our country and the lies being taught in public schools. He went on to talk about the fact that God and the Bible are not allowed in public schools anymore.

My husband also prayed. He prayed that God would change my heart. That I would see how important this is for our family and that I would lay aside my selfishness to serve my family in this way.

Over the course of the next year or so, we both continued to pray about homeschooling. God was slowly changing my heart as I started researching curriculum and reading stories about families who homeschool. Then I started talking to friends who homeschooled. Slowly my mind and heart were changed. I began to look forward to teaching our daughter and all the benefits that come with homeschooling. I talked with my good friend who helped me decide on a Bible based Christian curriculum, My Father’s World Kindergarten.

When I began teaching my daughter, she was 4 years old. I fell in love with homeschooling! It is so fun to see them understand and learn new concepts. The joy of searching and learning is wonderful. I have learned so much from teaching my own children and I actually look forward to the future years and all the new things I will learn.

I am amazed at God, who has changed my heart so much in the these last 9 years. The joy He has given me through having my children home with me is immeasurable. The fears I used to have of not getting ‘me’ time have turned into joys and blessings of my children being with me everyday. Are there days when I wish the kids would just leave me along? Sure. But God is faithful to show me that they are blessings to be enjoyed and not burdens to be shoved to the side. They are my important work. There children are my ministry, and right now that ministry is constant.

We recently memorized Philippians 2:3-16. When I am tempted to be selfish and me-centered, God uses these verses to remind me of Christ’s selflessness, and the sacrifice he gave for me.


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