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Meal Plan Monday

I finally have a meal plan again!!! We just moved into our 300+/- square foot camper from a 5000 square foot house and I have been so busy that I haven’t meal planned in the last few weeks. Yesterday, Austin went to the grocery store so I sat down to make a meal plan.

My mind is still adjusting to the fact that we live in our camper, and have very little storage for food. Thankfully, we now have 2 small refrigerators and our chest freezer, so that helps with the food storage. Still, we don’t have much pantry space so I am planning to grocery shop every week or so. Its a big adjustment from our once a month grocery shopping that we have done in the past. I giggle at myself in the store because every time I put something in the cart, I have to remind myself that I am only shopping for one week and not one month.

Since we are living in the camper with little storage space, I made my meal plan to include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. I can’t spare storage space for things that I might use later and therefore I can’t rely on what ‘might’ be in the cupboard for breakfast.

This weeks meal plan:

Monday: Pear crisp-breakfast, Ramen noodles with hamburger- lunch, burritos- dinner

Tuesday: Cereal- breakfast, Grilled Cheese- lunch, spaghetti- dinner

Wednesday: Baked PB oatmeal- breakfast, hotdogs- lunch, roast- dinner

Thursday: Eggs- breakfast, mac n cheese- lunch, tater tot casserole- dinner

Friday: Cereal- breakfast, salmon patties- lunch, beans & rice w/brats- dinner

Saturday- Eggs/bacon- breakfast, nothing planned for lunch (we have meetings and baby showers to attend), stir fry w/rice- dinner

Sunday- Baked oatmeal- breakfast, grilled pork chops w/potatoes- lunch, leftovers- dinner


Snacks ideas for the week include: pumpkin bread, banana bread, oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, bananas, oranges, apples, carrots, crackers


I kept my meal plan pretty simple this week. While we do have an air conditioner in the camper and it does a decent job of keeping us cool, the temps this week are supposed to be hovering around 100 degrees. I really would rather not use the over if possible. Hopefully, each week we will be able to clean out the fridge and pantry so that we can restock for the next week.

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