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I baked on my BBQ Grill!

Yesterday I did something amazing… I baked muffins and biscuits on my BBQ!

I am so excited about this because right now, living in our camper, as soon as I turn on the oven, the whole place heats up to 100 degrees and takes forever to cool down. Ok, maybe not 100 degrees, but it does get very warm in here and when its already 100 degrees outside, it makes it kinda miserable.

So after talking to my husband, I decided I would give baking on the BBQ a try. Here is what I did.

I went outside and started the grill. I left it on high for about 10 minutes so it could heat up really well and I could clean it off. While it was heating, I went back inside and mixed up my muffins. Then I went back outside, taking a large piece of foil with me. I folded the foil so that it was double layered, then after I scrubbed the grill with the wire brush, I put the foil down on the grate. I turned the heat all the way down. Then I put one pan of muffins on the grill and closed the lid.

The first batch got a little burned on the back because I didn’t turn the pan soon enough. But after I figured that out, the next two pans were a success!

Later in the day, I mixed up some biscuits and baked those on the grill too. I used my pizza stone for the biscuits and it worked really well. They didn’t burn at all!

I don’t really know how long everything cooked, or what the temp was on the grill. I don’t have a thermometer on my grill and I didn’t set a timer. I just checked them every few minutes or so and turned the pans when they looked ready.

I would like to try using my cast iron skillet on the grill too because I think it would keep things from burning.

Have you ever baked something on your BBQ grill? Let me know what you did and how it worked in the comments!

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