Our 2017 Homeschool Curriculum

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Another school year is upon us! It will be very different for us this year as we are living in our camper now. We will need to figure out a new routine and a way to do things.

This year our main core of curriculum will be My Father’s World Exploration to 1850. This is part of their family cycle and includes our Bible Study for the year, history and science.

Kaylee is in 6/7th grades this year. She will be doing almost all of her work independently. She has studied this time period in history before, when she was in 2nd grade. So because she is older, she will have a few different books than her brothers, and because I only have so much time in the day and she is getting older and is learning independence and time management, she will be doing the majority of it independently. I will of course be around to answer questions and help when needed, but she will be responsible for managing her time and getting it done. She will be reading Building a City on a Hill and George Washington’s World on her own.

Our study of science will focus on animals and plants this year. When I have time, I will read aloud to the kids but more than likely, Kaylee will read the required pages to Kolter and Kryspin. We will also be doing a nature notebook. This is something I have always wanted to do in the past but we have never really gotten it figured out. Hopefully this year we can pull it off and the kids will love it!

For language arts she is doing a mixture of different things. She will start the year doing Total Language Plus  with The Hobbit. She has read all of the The Lord of the Rings books and really wants to read The Hobbit. I got the Total Language Plus guide at a used homeschool sale for a few bucks and I thought it would be a perfect time for her to read it. After she finishes that, she will start All-In-One English. I am going to have her work on All-In-One English until it is finished.

Since Total Language Plus includes everything she needs for language arts, she won’t be doing anything else on top of it for writing or reading, but when she starts All-In-One English, we will throw in a few lessons for IEW. I also go a guide for it at the homeschool sale for a few dollars and I am excited to try it out.

While she makes her way through All-In-One English, she will also be reading The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom and doing the Progeny Press guide that goes with it. I got the guide unused and free from a friend. Kaylee has listened to The Hiding Place before, but this time she will get to read it and really ponder it.

For Math she will be doing Teaching Textbooks again this year. She completed level 5 last year. When we started at the beginning of the year, she was so excited that she was doing 2 lessons a day. That eventually wore off but she finished early because of it. We love Teaching Textbooks. It teaches that student, grades their work and keeps track of all the grades for me. She did very well with it last year and is excited to start using it again.


Kolter is in 3rd grade this year. He will join Kaylee for Bible study, history and science. We will also be reading a few extra books together, along with Kryspin, for history.

MFW 2nd – 3rd grade Supplement for Exploration to 1850

These books are ones that Kaylee and I read together when she was in 2nd grade. Its so fun for me to be reading them again! I love that we are getting to start reusing some of the curriculum we have used before.

For language arts, Kolter will do Horizons Penmanship 3. I actually got this at a yard sale for $1 several years ago. It was still brand new wrapped in plastic. He started learning some cursive last year and will continue that this year.

He will also be going through Rod and Staff English 3, Beginning Wisely. I imagine that we will do a lot of this work orally until he is a faster reader and ready to write more.

In order to grow his reading, I got a set of readers from the used homeschool sale that are about the time period in history that we will be studying. They look like they will be interesting for him to read. If he does well reading them and he finishes before Christmas, I may have him try a Total Language Plus Guide. In order for him to do a TLP guide I would like him to be reading and comprehending very well on his own. We’ll see how he does.

For math this year, Kolter gets to start Teaching Textbooks. He will begin at level 3. He is so excited to get to do his math on the computer! He is very good at math and I don’t see him having any trouble at all with it this year.


Kryspin is technically in 1st grade this year. With Kaylee and Kolter, we did MFW 1st grade. But Kryspin did not enjoy MFW K so we are going to try something else for 1st this year. Kryspin doesn’t enjoy all the busy work. He wants to sit down, do his lesson as quicky as possible and get outta there!

So to teach him phonics, we are going to make our way through Phonics Pathways. He will also be doing Explode the Code 1 1/2. We will work our way though First Language Lessons by Jessie Wise. I have always wanted to try this book and when I saw it at the used sale I snatched it up. The lessons seem short and quick so I think Krypsin will enjoy them. For handwriting I am going to be printing free worksheets from online. He definitely needs a lot of handwriting practice but I don’t want him to get bored so he is going to use some short lessons but work on writing his very best.

Last year for math he completed a 1st grade math book. This year I have a regular ol workbook from Sam’s for him to do. If it is too easy for him we will find something else but I have had it sitting in the drawer for awhile so I think we’ll give it a try.

Kyla and Kaydence are both in preschool this year. They will join us for Bible and some history reading but will spend most of their time playing. When they want to ‘do’ school they will use Rod and Staff Preschool Workbooks. Kyla finished the first set for older children last year and she will start the next set this year. She will also be using Explode the Code A to get a little extra phonics practice. Kaydence will start the very first set.


Kendon and Karrington will join us for Bible and some history also but, like the other 2 littles, they will spend the majority of their time learning through play.


Hopefully about once a week or so we will fit in typing lessons for Kaylee and Kolter. I also plan to have them both take piano lessons again this year, they both really enjoy that and are getting very good at playing.

What are you using this year in your homeschool? I would love to know!


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