First Week of School Recap

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We have officially completed our first week of MFW Exploration to 1850. It was a little rough, as we are adjusting to a new schedule, having another child thrown into the mix, and new curriculum.

We managed to complete 3 days of school this sat week. We had one big distraction (the water well quit working) and had to spend one of our days finding a fix. I also taught my very first oils class and it was so fun. Although we only schooled for 3 days, I am not worried. This year I am trying something new with my scheduling that should help to make our school less stressful. I am planning to share more about that soon so watch for that post.

As I mentioned earlier, we are using My Father’s World Exploration to 1850 as our spine this year. So far, the history and science has been great. My oldest child is reading science on her own while I am working with my 3rd and 1st graders in their science books. I had originally planned to have Kaylee read to them, but decided to keep it simple for them and just have them do The Complete Book of Animals. So far, they love it!

Our history reading so far has been great. I really enjoy that time when we sit down together, relax and read.

Kaylee is doing the majority of her work independently this year. She is more than capable of it and it frees me up to spend more time with the younger kids who need my help.

I have made a few changes to the boys curriculum since writing this post.  Kolter is not using All About Spelling or Rod and Staff. Instead, we are going to use Simply Charlotte Mason’s Spelling Wisdom and Using Language Well. I was feeling too stressed with just the idea of using the first curriculum we picked out so we switched it up and I feel much more relaxed.

Kryspin is not using First Language Lessons. I think the idea is great, and we may use it next year for him, but it was too much for this year. I want to focus on reading and handwriting with him. He will also do some math.

Another thing I am determined to do this year is to ready more to my littles. They love when I read picture books to them so I am going to start each day with 10-15 minutes of reading to the little ones.

So far, we are enjoying what we are suing. We have some new life changes coming up which will require more adjustments, but for now, we are gonna keep plugging along.


How is your school year going? Are you enjoying the curriculum you chose for your children? Let me know in the comments below!


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