Large Family

Labor Day Vacation

Our family went on a small vacation over Labor Day weekend. My husband had 4.5 days off so we took advantage of it and went on a short road trip. We really enjoyed ourselves and weren’t ready to go home.


The first day of our trip we went to Badlands National Park. Before we even entered the park we were greeted by these guys.

The kids (and Austin… ok, I did too!) loved it there! We spent all day hiking and climbing all over the rocks.

The next day we went to Reptile Gardens and Bear Country.


The third day we attended church in Spearfish and then we spent the afternoon swimming at an indoor water park. The kids are still talking about this and want to go again! And, I don’t have any pictures. I didn’t want to take my camera in and I was too busy having fun to take pictures with my phone.

On the last day, we headed home. We did stop at Mt. Rushmore on the way and saw Crazy Horse Monument from the road. And we stopped at the Keystone, South Dakota Historical Museum. We were roped in by the Carrie Ingalls Museum sign. It actually was really fun. They kids got to play dress up and we got to see the Shepherdess from the Little House on the Prairie books.

We really enjoyed ourselves on this short trip. It was great to have time as a family and just get to focus on each other. Looking forward to another one!

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