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My Cloth Diaper Routine

I love using cloth diapers. They save us money, they are good for the environment, and they are way cuter than disposables. But they do require a little extra work. The work is not hard, but it’s necessary. I live in my fifth wheel, so my routine is a little different than those with a regular washer and dryer.

I like to keep my dirty cloth diapers in a hanging bag on the bathroom wall. This is one similar to what I use. It holds a ton of diapers and does a good job of keeping the smell down.

I wash diapers on Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week. When life is crazy and we are really busy, it might be every third day or so, but to keep the load from getting too big and to keep from running out of diapers, I try to do it every other day.

The first thing I do is grab my washing machine and put it in the shower. See, I told you my routine is different. Right now, this is the washing machine we have. It is very lightweight so it’s easy to move around.

Once it’s in the shower, I fill the wash tub with cold water and add the diapers in. Once it’s full, I turn it on for the full 15 minutes and let it run.

When the time shuts off, I drain the water and then refill the wash tub with hot water. I add a little detergent and turn it back on for 15 minutes. Sometimes I might do two wash cycles, depending on how I feel.

After the wash is done, I drain the water again, then refill with hot water for a rinse. I rinse for the full 15 minutes, then drain, then usually do another rinse because I really want to get all the soap out of the diapers.

After the second rinse, I drain the water for the last time. I then move some of the diapers over into the spinner. This thing is amazing. It spins so fast and gets the water out really quickly (usually less than a minute). I take the spun diapers out of the spinner and pile them on the toilet. Then add more diapers and spin away.

When all the diapers are spun, I hang them on my handy clothes drying racks.



This one is what I have. I have two of them and they actually work really well. They look flimsy but hold up nicely. The only problem I have had with them is the top clip part coming off because the clothes are too heavy. But the small clips work well and hold the clothes on tightly.

Once the diapers are all hung, I take them outside (weather permitting)  and hang them on the ladder on the back of the camper. They dry really fast when hung outside so it usually only takes a few hours. Then I bring them inside, fold them up and put them away.

And thats it! Like I said, it is not difficult but it does take a little extra work. I would love to have a washer/dryer combo to be able to wash diapers and clothes in but we haven’t yet figured out where to put it. We don’t have a set spot for a washer and dryer in our fifth wheel so there isn’t anywhere convenient to put it.


Do you use cloth diapers while in your RV? How do you like to wash them? Let me know in the comments below!





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  1. We have the same washer connected tomoir full hook up. I still have to drain it manually in a 5 gallon water bottle. It gets the diapers clean. My washing cycles are similar to yours. I have a mantee dryer and put our dehumidifier next to it. We’re in a 5th wheel too. Great post. Thanks for sharing.

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