Homeschool Curriculum Update


I know I already posted about our curriculum choices for the 2017-2018 school year… but we have made a few changes. For some reason (ok, lots of them) I just can’t seem to get things together this year for school. I think we are finally getting into some routine and will be able to get some schooling done on a regular basis. We are only in week 5 of our curricula, even though we have been doing school for 9 weeks. We were so busy and adjusting to changes that school got pushed to the side. I think I have got it figured out now though so we are gonna stay busy and push through until Christmas.

Kaylee is still doing the same as we originally had planned, nothing has changed for her.

For Kolter, we are now using Christian Light Education for Language Arts and Reading. He is not reading well yet and I feel like we just missed something with him. So I started with reading level 1 and LA 3. So far its going really well. The lessons are longer than we are used to but he is enjoying them. I enjoy the light units and the simplicity of them. They help me to schedule easier and I’m not so confused about what needs to be done.




Kryspin is also using Christian Light Education. He is using Math 1, Language Arts 1 and Learning to Read. So far, everything is very easy for him. But, we are not skipping anything. He is just doing extra lessons each day. The first day we sat down to do lesson 1 of Learning to Read, Kyla was sitting next to me. She answered every question correctly so I ordered her a set of light units. She and Kryspin will learn how to read together. She is so excited to get them! I am amazed at how much she has grown and learned so far this year. I’m excited to see her at the end of the year.



Other than those changes, we are still doing everything the same. I am not completely following the teachers guide for MFW Exploration to 1850. We read the history lesson, then usually the older kids do a notebooking page to reinforce what they are learning. I also have a character book we are reading through, plus we sing a hymn and work on our memory verses (James 1).


What about you? Have you made changes to your homeschool curriculum already? Let me know in the comments below!


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