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A Simple Cloth Diaper Stash



Are you wanting to try cloth diapers but not sure where to start? Today I am going to share with you my simple cloth diaper routine. I am not a crazed diaper lady. I have found the diapers that work best for me and that is what I use. I am not constantly buying new ones to try or ordering the newest prints (although it is tempting). So, if you are looking for a simple way to use cloth diapers, here it is.

I really like cloth diapers. I have used them for several years now and even though we live in our 5th wheel full time, I still use them when we are home. Sometimes, if I am in the mood, I will even use them when we go out. I like that they are reusable, saving us money. I also like that they are so cute! The prints available are seriously unlimited. You can get just about any design you want.

The diapers that work the best for me are pockets. I like them because they are so close to a normal disposable diaper. It makes them super simple to use and anyone can do it. My husband happily uses cloth diapers when I have them all ready for him, my daughter can simply change a diaper when asked. I can leave them with a friend who is watching the kids and not have to worry that they won’t be able to get the diaper on the baby.

I also use some flats and covers. And when my babies are smaller, I use prefolds with covers. I enjoy the prefolds with covers for the smaller babies because my pockets don’t fit until my babies are about 8 lbs, and that sometimes takes a few months.

So, here is a list of what I use.

Pockets with flats for inserts. I found some receiving blankets on a Facebook for sale group and snatched them up for $5. There were 11 of them so this was a really good deal at $.45 each! They are a little larger than the flat diapers I bought and they absorb well. I just fold them up like this,









then put them into the pocket diaper.










The pocket diapers I use vary. Right now, I have some happy flutes and alva babies that I got on Amazon, plus a few random brands. They work well and I like the cute prints they have. In the past I used giggle life pocket diapers. I really liked them but after a few babies, the elastics were worn out and I needed to replace them. I chose the happy flutes and alva babies because they were a little cheaper than the giggle life diapers and the prints they had were much cuter.

For prefolds I like these from Green Mountain Diapers. They are great quality, good priced and they absorb well. I usually just do a trifold with them and then lay it in a cover.

My favorite covers are Thirsties Diaper Covers. I have tried a ton of different covers, but I always come back to the Thirsties. They fit my babies the best and their sizes cover a larger age range.

I have used wool, fleece, pull on covers and more. I use the pull on covers as swim diapers. They hold everything in wonderfully. I have never tried fitted diapers though. I can’t justify buying them when the pocket diapers I have work so well. I don’t use cloth diapers at night either. I have tried in the past, but my kids’ skin is too sensitive and we always end up with diaper rash.

Right now I have 2 babies in diapers. I have 18 pockets plus flats for them, plus a few extra flats and 4 Thirsties covers. I try to wash diapers every other day. This is really a bare minimum of diapers but I don’t have a lot of storage space so i\ works perfect for me. If you are curious about how I wash my diapers, check out this post.


Do you use cloth diapers? What are you favorites? Let me know in the comments below!




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