Inside the RV – Christmas Edition

Inside the RV - Christmas Edition. Couch with hanging stars for window decorations.

Yesterday, the kids and I decorated for Christmas. I am so excited to spend Christmas in our tiny home this year! We didn’t go too crazy, just decorated the living room and front door. I thought I would share what we did with you.

Our tiny tree –

I brought this tiny tree back from Colorado with us after Thanksgiving. I got it on sale at a hardware store a few years ago for $2. I knew we would not have room for a larger tree this year (we also have a busy, crawling baby who would have a great time with the ornaments). This tree really is tiny, even smaller than the mini trees they have at Walmart. I was trying to do a red and gold with stars theme, but the kids all loved these bright ornaments so much that I gave in and got them instead. The cupcakes and popsicles look so delicious that I found Kendon trying a bite of each one. I think he finally figured out that they are not for eating.

Stockings –

We have 9 stockings, all of which I have made as we add to our family. I knew that if I didn’t put them up high, out of reach, they would always be on the floor. So we used some command hooks and put them up above the TV. I added some greens and lights to make it pretty. The lights are battery powered and supposed to be red, but they look orange to me. I don’t know if I’ll leave them or replace them with a different color. I also put some gold tinsel around the TV, added some greens and lights to the counter underneath, along with my holy family statue and Christmas camper mug I got at Dollar Tree. The Santa and Mrs. Clause trolls are something my mom put up at Christmas when I was a kid. My husband is not a fan of them (he thinks they are ugly) but I like them and the little kids always enjoy them at Christmas.

Windows and pretty’s –

We put some greens and lights around the slide and across each curtain rod above the windows. On the big windows, I hung some ornaments with fishing line. I found the large and small stars at Dollar Tree and the red spinners at Walmart. This might be my favorite area that we decorated.

Outdoors –

I hung this cute wreath from Walmart on the front door and added some battery powered lights to it. Kolter picked out the wreath since he didn’t get to choose any ornaments. I’d say he did a great job!

Nativity Set-

Every Christmas I get out this Little People Nativity Set. The kids are always excited to see it and it gets lots of play time during the month of December. I bought this set when my oldest child was small and it is well loved.

I have one more project that I might do for outside. I’ll be sure to let you know when it’s finished. Merry Christmas!

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