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Inside the RV – Kitchen Tour

Inside the RV, Kitchen Tour. Kitchen with microwave, counter, stove and oven.

The kitchen is central station for a large family. Especially one who homeschools and eats 3 meals a day, plus snacks at home, everyday. Our kitchen is a tiny one. Our family of 9 lives in a 41 foot long fifth wheel full time, and we love it! Because the kitchen is the room we spend the most time in, I thought I would start my tour there.

Fridge – Outside and Inside

Large RV stainless steel refrigerator. White flip top trash can. 2 large buckets with bagels sitting on top. Large RV stainless steel refrigerator.Inside the large RV refrigerator. Food stacked and organized inside the refrigerator with doors open.

When we were considering purchasing a fifth wheel to live in, we looked at a lot of them. One thing we knew we needed was a larger fridge. When we finally settled on the one we have, one of the deals for us to buy it was that they had to put in a larger fridge, at no cost to us. Thankfully, they had this fridge in their storage and needed it gone, so they installed it for free. It is much larger then the one that was in here, but still not as large as a residential fridge. It does the job though and I can fit a quite a bit of food inside.

We also have an outdoor kitchen (although I would really like to take out the sink and put in a washer/dryer combo). We have another small fridge outside that is handy for holding extra milk, eggs, fruits, and veggies. In the girl’s bedroom, we have a chest freezer. Having 2 refrigerators, plus a chest freezer, I can store enough food for 2 weeks (or longer) if needed.


Black RV stove and oven with white towel hanging on it. Microwave hanging on the wall above the stove.RV oven with door open. Inside the oven.

The stove has 3 burners and is a fairly good size. It also has a folding glass top, which turns it into more counter space. I don’t use the stove really often. I try to use my electric skillet when I cook because electricity is included in our monthly rent, while I have to pay for propane. So to save money I try to use electric as much as I can.

The oven is propane and works like a camper oven would. It is small, which can sometimes prove difficult when I am cooking a large amount of food. I had gotten used to cooking with my half sheet and 3/4 sheet pans, so when I had to switch to a small sheet pan, it was a hard adjustment. I am getting the hang of it though, it just takes a little longer.

The microwave sits above the stove. There is a little storage area next to the microwave. I’m pretty sure it was intended for wine bottles, but I stuff all my hotpads in there.


2 empty stainless steel sinks with a washcloth hanging in the middle.

I have 2 sinks and they are both deep. There is a nice faucet with a pull out sprayer. The sink has 2 sink covers that can make more counter space if needed. I usually wash all the dishes from the day as part of my dinner prep. After I am done washing, I leave the water in the sink and put the cover over it. Then when dinner is done, I add some hot water to the dish water and wash up the rest of the dirty dishes.

I really like the large counter next to the sink too. It’s a great place to put dishes to dry (no dishwasher here!). I like to bake so a larger counter space was a must for me (excuse the dirty dishes, real life!).

Large empty counter.


The cupboards are a little spread out in here. There were a few more, next to the smaller fridge before they put in the new one, but we decided that a larger fridge was more important than the extra cupboard space. I have a larger storage cupboard above the table. In this cupboard I keep food storage containers, bread, and extra kitchen stuff like paper plates, pitchers, coffee percolator, etc.

Storage cupboards above window with doors open. Inside there is food storage containers, bread and other things.Cupboards above window with doors open. Inside there is food storage containers, bread and other things.

I also have a drawer under the stove that I keep some of my baking pans in. Sometimes its hard to get them to fit, and they don’t all fit in here.

Drawer full of baking pans. Muffin pan is on top.

Above the sink there is a large cupboard that I keep some extra dry goods in, plus all of our cups, plate and bowls.

Next to that cupboard there is a very large cupboard, I call it the pantry. I keep canned goods, baking supplies, mixing bowls, cereal, spices, coffee, etc. in here. This is my pantry, so anything pantryish goes in.

Tall god storage cupboard with the doors open and lots of food inside.

Under the sink there is a large cupboard that I keep trash bags, cleaning supplies, towels, etc. in. It’s not organized at all. Really, it’s a mess.

Next to the sink cupboard, there is a cupboard with 2 large drawers in it. I keep my mixer, instant pot and large stock pots in here.

Next to the stove there is another pull out cupboard. When we moved in, I realized there are no drawers! This cupboard next to the stove was made to hold a trashcan. But since there are no drawers, Austin built me a shelf for the top of the cupboard and I added little baskets for the silverware. It’s not perfect, but it works alright. On the bottom shelf of this cupboard, I have our breakfast sandwich maker, and a saucepan.

I would like to make my kitchen cupboards better organized so that things fit better and are easier to access.  I have been raking my brain with ways to do it, but I think I will need to get everything out of the cupboards first so I can actually see everything. Then I will be able to organize it better.

Do you have a small kitchen? Do you have any tips for me on how to better organize my things? Let me know in the comments below!

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