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7 Kitchen Appliances I Can’t Do Without

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Living in a 41 foot RV with 9 people means there isn’t a lot of storage space. When we moved in, I had to pick what was most important for me to bring. Here are the 7 kitchen appliances I chose.

Electric skillet – The skillet I have is similar to this one. I use it almost every day to cook breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I chose to bring this because there is only a propane stove and oven in the RV. It saves me money to use electricity to cook with because the electricity is included with my monthly rent payment. No need to buy extra propane when I can use electricity instead.






Electric griddle – Griddles are great for pancakes, french toast, grilled cheese, and cooking lots of other things. You can cook a large amount at one time, great for a large family. The one we have is more of a square than this one is, but it serves the same purpose. This is also a cheap way to cook because it uses electricity, rather than propane.










Electric kettle – I use the kettle every morning. We don’t have a coffee pot, only a french press. Austin also has a large bottle full of a hot drink in the morning. It is way faster than heating water on the stove, and doesn’t use propane, so cheap for us. The kettle we have is very similar to this and takes about 2 minutes to heat the water to boiling. It also has an automatic shut off feature, as does this one.

















Crockpot – This is the exact crock pot that I have and I love it. I originally didn’t put this in the RV when we moved in, I thought I would just use my Instant Pot, in slow cooker mode, when I needed it. But after not having my crock pot for about a month, I went out to the storage shed and found it.  I like the manual one, rather than one with electric controls. I have had one with electric controls before and it never did work right. The only trick with this one is that the Warm setting is the last one. Make sure, when setting the pot on high, that you actually set it on high. Otherwise, you’ll end up with still frozen food at the end of the day (not that I have experience with that or anything :)).






Instant pot – The instant pot is really nice to have. It is a slow cooker, pressure cooker, yogurt maker, rice maker and extra skillet all in one. It has saved me several times when I didn’t know what to cook for dinner and only had frozen meat. When I first got it, I was a little intimidated by it, but there is no need to be! It is safe and easy, once you figure out what you are doing. I will be using my Instant Pot a lot more often when summer rolls around because cooking in a RV in the summer can be miserable. With the Instant Pot, I can plug it in outside, let it cook, then bring it back in and not add any extra heat inside.









Sandwich maker – This is another appliance that I use everyday. Every morning, I use it to make 2 breakfast sandwiches for my husband. Sometimes I just cook eggs in it. The kids enjoy using it to make eggs because it’s so easy. You plug it in, let it preheat, crack your eggs into the bottom ring, add salt and pepper, mix the egg a little, then close it up and set the timer. In about 2.5 minutes, you have perfect scrambled eggs.












Stand Mixer – Right now, I have a Bosch mixer. It also has a blender attached to it. It is really great for small spaces because it’s like 3 appliances in one. I use mine for mixing, blending and shredding/slicing. I used to have a Kitchen Aid Stand mixer like this one. I used it all the time until it was finally about worn out. I had it for around 8 years and it was great! When we moved into our RV, my husband bought me a Bosch mixer, which is nice because it is lighter and doubles as another appliance. It fits great in my cupboard. I highly recumbent the Kitchen Aid stand mixer, they are great!












For these appliances to make the cut, I have to use them often. I don’t have room to store things I don’t use. Really, whether you live in an RV, an apartment, or a house, these are great additions to your kitchen. They also make fantastic Christmas gifts!

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