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Inside the RV – Girl’s Room

Our RV has 3 separate bedrooms. This is the reason we bought it. So far we have 4 daughters. They all share the same bedroom which is at the rear of the RV. Let’s go on a tour shall we?

This is what you see when you walk into the room. We keep our deep freeze in here and I can’t imagine not having it. I also store our veggies and fruits that aren’t refrigerated on top of the freezer in a tub.

As you scan to the right you see the sleeping area. Our oldest sleeps on the top bunk. The little girls sleep on the bottom. The 4 & 5 year olds each have a toddler mattress they sleep on and for the baby, we have a travel sized pack-n-play. It is smaller than a normal sized one so it’s perfect for this small space. The little girls love sleeping on the floor, they thinks it’s is so fun and cozy.

On around is the bathroom. It is a half bath, but so nice to have!! Having lots of little people in our house means, when they gotta go, they gotta go now! It’s a blessing to have the extra toilet.

We also have a bookshelf here and our pet turtle, Frankie. She is a gift from an uncle and since she is so easy to care for, we had to bring her with us. She really is fun and I might enjoy her more than the kids do 😊

You can see the bookshelf in the lower left corner of this picture. Next to it is the door that leads into the living room. Behind the door we keep drawers that contain toys and dress ups. The laundry basket is squished in there too. The door behind them leads outside. The drawer with the toys is very light, it doesn’t weigh much at all. We have shown the girls how to move it in case they need to use the door as an emergency escape.

There are hooks here also. Some on the door and some on the wall. The girls use these for their coats, bags, purses and whatever else they want to hang.

<<<<< arge storage area is really a blessing. The girls keep their clothes plus their special things in the drawers. The babies clothes are kept up top in a tub. My oldest keeps her school books on the shelf here and we have a set of drawers for things like rubber bands, thumb tacks, safety pins, index cards, etc. Behind those glass doors is a giant cupboard. The girls' calico critters are kept here, along with our sewing machines, babies clothes, art supplies, sewing supplies, a file box, and a few other things. And that's the girls room! It's larger than the other bedroom but I use it for some of my things too. Thanks for reading!

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