5 Ways I Serve My Husband

Marriage can be hard. Living with another person, being selfless, and considering someone else in your every decision is tough. It is also a blessing. God can use it to grow, change and mold you to be more like Christ. Jesus is the ultimate example of selflessness. He came to earth, lived a perfect, sinless… Read More 5 Ways I Serve My Husband

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Inside the RV – Kitchen Tour

The kitchen is central station for a large family. Especially one who homeschools and eats 3 meals a day, plus snacks at home, everyday. Our kitchen is a tiny one. Our family of 9 lives in a 41 foot long fifth wheel full time, and we love it! Because the kitchen is the room we… Read More Inside the RV – Kitchen Tour


Inside the RV – Christmas Edition

Yesterday, the kids and I decorated for Christmas. I am so excited to spend Christmas in our tiny home this year! We didn’t go too crazy, just decorated the living room and front door. I thought I would share what we did with you. Our tiny tree – I brought this tiny tree back from… Read More Inside the RV – Christmas Edition

Homemaking, Large Family

How I Fold Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers can be as simple or as complex as you make them. Here is a quick tutorial to show you how I easily fold and use cloth diapers.       The diapers that I use are pockets stuffed with flats, and flats with covers. I have a very small amount of storage space… Read More How I Fold Cloth Diapers

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A Simple Cloth Diaper Stash

    Are you wanting to try cloth diapers but not sure where to start? Today I am going to share with you my simple cloth diaper routine. I am not a crazed diaper lady. I have found the diapers that work best for me and that is what I use. I am not constantly… Read More A Simple Cloth Diaper Stash

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3 Tips to Feed Your Family Healthy Meals

  I have been doing a lot of research on food and the effects it can have on behavior. Not only in children, but also in adults. Just google the effects of food dyes and artificial flavors and you will have a vast array of information. Some of our children struggle more with anger and… Read More 3 Tips to Feed Your Family Healthy Meals


25 Christmas Cookies

I love how Christmas gives an excuse to bake all the cookies! I am thinking about doing a Christmas bake off and trying to bake a new kind of cookie every day in December. Here are some that I thought looked festive and yummy! These Snowball Christmas Cookies from Wicked Good Kitchen look like a pile… Read More 25 Christmas Cookies

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The Best Dinner Roll Recipe

These rolls are seriously the best rolls I have ever had. They are so delicious and sooooooo simple! There are only 6 ingredients. You whip up the dough, let it rise, turn it into rolls, let them rise, then bake. Easy peasy. Here is a photo tutorial to help you make them. Mix the dough:… Read More The Best Dinner Roll Recipe

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8 of My Favorite Children’s Books

I have had friends ask me lately which children’s books we love, so I thought a blog post about it was in order. *Below are some affiliate links, which means if you order through the link I will receive a small compensation. Most books listed below can be used with boys and girls. There are… Read More 8 of My Favorite Children’s Books


Homeschool Curriculum Update

  I know I already posted about our curriculum choices for the 2017-2018 school year… but we have made a few changes. For some reason (ok, lots of them) I just can’t seem to get things together this year for school. I think we are finally getting into some routine and will be able to… Read More Homeschool Curriculum Update